Friday, February 18, 2011


Woohooo!  I'm feeling super energized and zing-zing-zingy today - I'm back at bootcamp and we had a fantastic workout this morning...our trainer had to leave by 6:30am, so crammed everything into one hour of intense hill intervals combined with a circuit.  It felt so great to get out there - I kinda didn't realize how much I'd missed the really super intense workouts...and even though I have to get up at an ungodly hour, I love starting the day off with exercise as it gives me so much more energy to get through the day, and I tend to eat much healthier when I know I've worked out.  Even though this didn't exactly work on Monday...I went to class in the morning, but Fabulous Boss bought us these yumm-ay vegan cupcakes for V-Day, so of course I had to have one.  It would have been completely rude to not have a cupcake when offered, right?  And then at night, Hubs and I treated ourselves to strawberry angel food cake.  After polishing off the cake, I proceeded to have not one or two of those Purdy's foil-wrapped chocolate hearts...but FIFTEEN of them.  Yes, you read that right.  Fifteen.  I couldn't stop myself!  After my chocolate binge, I looked around me and I was surrounded by little scrunched up bits of red foil...clear evidence of my debauchery.  It must have triggered something because now I've been craving sweets all week...blah!

Anyways, the bootcamp workouts have recharged me for the half marathon training.  I was kinda feeling blah about it - you know how it is, when you get out of the habit of doing something,  it's always so hard to start back up again but the spark has returned! I go...going to post my training schedule because you folks know about me and the whole accountability thing:

Week 1:  10K
Week 2:  15K
Week 3   10K
Week 4:  16K
Week 5:  13K
Week 6:  13K
Week 7:  18K
Week 8:  15K
Week 9:  15K
Week 10:  20K
Week 11:  13K
Week 12:  10K
Week 13:  RACE!! 

My goal is to keep at least a 6:00 min/km pace for all runs - I need 5:41 min/km to get a sub 2 hour half marathon, so I'm targetting a 5:30 min/km for the actual race.  My weekly workouts are going to hopefully look something like this:

Sun:    X training - 30 mins stationary bike and 30 mins weights
Mon:   Bootcamp a.m./core & ass exercises p.m.  (prescribed by physio)
Tues:   Rest/yoga
Wed:   Bootcamp a.m./core & ass exercises p.m.
Thurs:  Rest
Fri:      Bootcamp a.m./core & ass exercises p.m.
Sat:     Long run

We do a lot of hills in bootcamp, so I'm going to push myself so I can get in speed/hill work.  The conundrum I have is when to get in my tempo runs - I want to make sure I get these in so I know that I can sustain a slightly quicker pace for longer distances...but I want to also make sure I get in two full rest or "active" rest days.  Ack - I think I need another day in the week!

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