Sunday, June 13, 2010

14K - Gin is NOT the Secret


OK - so I've confirmed that gin is not the secret to a great run.  Last night I was out on the town with some friends that I hadn't seen in awhile - we all used to work together and formed this sort of secret management drinking group to blow off some steam. I still have fond memories of the first night we hung out - it started at our usual downtown watering hole, we met up with a bunch of people we worked with and somehow ended up chasing cute auditors all over town until 3am.  Good times!  Anyways I know that I would have probably gone postal if I hadn't had these guys around - so it was awesome to see them.  It'd been awhile, so we were definitely indulging in good food and drink and I was feeling pretty glow-y by the end of the night.  Downtown was rocking last night - Canada is celebrating its 100 anniversary of its navy, so there were 8000 navy boys from Japan, Australia, the US....boooyah!

I got home around 10-ish and made sure I hydrated to avoid any hangover type situation.  We had to be running by 7am to fit our run in so I had a bit of a headache but overall felt not bad.  My run was not great today though - not bad, but not great..I was really tired by the end and had to really push to keep going.  So tired I forgot to turn off my Garmin so my results are all messed up, boo hoo.  However, what WAS great about the run was the spectacular day we're having - gorgeous blue skies!  We ran by the water, and ended up running on the breakwater to get a better look at the ships that were in - totally cool.  Victoria is really such a gorgeous city - I'm soooooo thankful to live here.

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Angie said...

HAHAHAHAAAA... so many things to love!
Gin is NOT the secret... wow, no kidding?
You were glow-y by the end of the night... and that you were home by 10pm. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who sees 10pm as the end of the night!
And you are right, Victoria is gorgeous and I'm thankful to live here. Will continue to live here after I win 50 million next week.