Sunday, June 27, 2010

Howdy from Hawaii

Ahhhhh.....finally, some R & R!!

After five days of going great guns to get stuff done around the house and various appointments, we flew out bright and early Thursday at 6am to catch a flight to Seattle and arrived in Maui around noon.  We were pretty much comatose the first night here as we were up at 3am and neither of us fell asleep until about 1am or we pretty much got to our condo and sacked out for the rest of the evening.  We didn't even go out to the beach, we were so exhausted!  We always stay up in Napili at this little beachfront condo complex which is amazing - every time we arrive, we get big hugs and they always welcome us home - it's like a little family here.  The last few years we've stayed in a unit that is beachfront on the second level, so we thought this time we'd try a garden view unit on the ground level - the only complaint we ever had was that the top floor gets really hot as the sun shines right in, and the sound of the pounding ocean kept us up.  What whiners, eh?  Anyways, while we don't have the ocean view, we are loving the unit we're in now as it's cooler, quiet and very private so think the next time we come, we're going to do the garden view units.

So in our rush to leave, I totally forgot the USB wire I need to download pics....arrrgh!!  I've been diligently taking pictures of all our eats (we had THE best dinner I've ever had in my life the other night - seriously delicious) so will post the pics when I get back home - Maui is a foodie's paradise, with all the fresh fish and tropical fruits - amazing!

Hubs and I haven't been able to run until this morning and I've been feeling antsy - so up we got and ran to the next town, Kapalua.  We always try to get up early as it gets so hot here that trying to run after 7am is pretty unbearable.  It's about a half hour run and on the way to Kapalua is almost all uphill so it was pretty tough  -  but man, what a run!  For most of it, you look over these deluxe villas at the ocean, with the smell of plumeria and pikake swirling around your head the whole time.  What an amazing way to start the morning! 

I never want to leave.

PS.  A big shout out to Vic, who kicked some serious ass and ran the Scotia half in Van in 1:51, even with an injury - woot!  Nice work!!

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