Tuesday, June 22, 2010

20K - Holy Fack

Seriously, this is how I felt when I finished the run.  Maybe a little worse, if that's possible.

We got up at 6am to get our butts out on the trail by 6:30 as I had a dentist appointment at 9:45 today.  This run was to make up for the one I blew off on Saturday - which of course, three days ago when we were blowing it off, it was a fantastic idea to move it to today.  Today...not so much. 

I'm feeling a ton better after lots of sleep and pumping everything under the sun that I could take - vitamin C/D, multivitamins, Greens Plus, Cold FX, echinacea, naturopath immune booster, crown and ginger...heh, OK, that last item made me feel better, not sure how much it fought off germies though.  We started out at 6:30am on one of our local trails - and I gotta say - if anyone is ever running Elk/Beaver Lake here in Victoria - clockwise is WAY easier than counterclockwise.  We always do it counterclockwise, and it always felt so freaking hard because now I realize I was running on a slight uphill through a lot of it!!  We just thought we'd mix it up a bit so glad we discovered this little secret.

The first 5K felt pretty good - and then it was all downhill from there.  I had a pre-run banana and planned for Gu Chomps at 7K and a Gu Gel at 14K to bring me home.  At about the 12K point, poor Hubs was really slowing down - one of his legs was really bugging him so he stopped and went back to the car while I carried on.  I was OK until about the 16K point when I really got tired and had to take some walk breaks to get myself through it and tried to concentrate on my music (I gotta say - I luuuuurve that O.M.G. song by Will.I.Am and Usher - total earworm).  My stinkin' Garmin kept losing the signal in the trees so I don't have an accurate pace per km but I finished in 2:10 - which made me think how the hell did I do a half in 2:01 last year?!  At that pace, I'll hopefully hit my B goal of 4:30 for the marathon but really, I just want to finish the darn thing still standing at the end so I'm not too terribly fussed about time.

My poor dental hygienist...as soon as I got in the chair, I shut my eyes and barely said two words - I'm sure he was thinking what the heck is up with her?!  Normally I'm fairly chatty - today...not so much!  I came home, ate a little something and now I feel like a million bucks - probably mostly because in two days I'll be flying out to Maui - yeeehaww!  So much to do before we go, but man I'm looking forward to some banana macadamia nut pancakes - it's our little tradition that we always have them at the little breakfast place around the corner on the first morning we're there.  I wonder if they'll serve me a mai tai that early?  ;-)

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