Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Goal 3 for 2010:

Wear a bikini in Hawaii  - DONE!!  WOOT!!!

This morning Hubs and I got up and went for our usual early morning run to Kapalua - it was a clear morning, so it was already hot hot hot...but off we went anyways like the crazy people we are.  It must be a fairly common route as there's always tons of people running and going for their morning walks.  As we were heading back to our condo, these four gorgeous colt-ish twentysomethings with long sinewy legs blew past, singsonging their good mornings to us and smiling with white teeth and beautiful unlined faces.  Hmph!  I stared after them a little enviously, admiring their youth and the fact that everything was still where it should be and not down around their waists.  As we continued to run towards home, I noticed the girls were slowing and as we approached the last big hill, I triumphantly blew past them - ha, in yo' face!  I might be old but I still got it! *waving finger, cocking head from side to side*  Chalk one up for the oldies.

After our run, we were boiling hot so we thought a little water time would be nice to cool us off.  OK, so maybe I wasn't exactly BOLD and didn't strut my stuff all over the place, but I sat on the beach in said bikini while Hubs went out for a swim.  I can't swim at all -- and I do mean at all -- so I walked along the beach and let the water come up to my knees.  So nice!  The undertow on Napili Bay is fairly strong so I didn't really want to go any further. The water was relatively warm and people were all starting to come out and stake their spots so we were glad to get a prized spot under the kukui nut tree on the beach.   As we were heading back in after enough beach time, the skies absolutely opened on us and we were drenched within minutes!  Even the rain here is amazing.

Sooo my post bikini baring thoughts....exposing my middle aged body wasn't that bad and it wasn't like everyone on the beach spun around in horror, like I envisioned, ha ha.  It was all good - and even better, another goal knocked off my 2010 list!

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Angie said...

Woo hoo - congrats! Happy for you and proud of ya! Both for the bikini and for blowing past the youngins!