Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Foodie and the Fink

As you guys know, I'm a total foodie - love eating food, love cooking food, love reading about food...anyways, you guys get the picture - I heart food. I love to experiment with different recipes but I don't really cook a lot of fish. I have three or four fish dishes that are in my usual repertoire but wanted to expand my horizons so I went to a Fish and Seafood 101 cooking class with a coworker J. tonight. The class was put on by a local chef named Heidi Fink (her website is http://www.chefheidifink.com/) who used to be the executive chef at a very well known local restaurant called Rebar.

I gotta say - the class absolutely rocked. She gives you the recipes, demonstrates them and then you get a taste. I seriously had some of the best fish I've had in awhile and stuff that I'm pretty sure I could replicate at home. And I was stuffed by the end of it! It was a three hour class which went by quite quickly as Heidi is pretty engaging and the recipes moved along quickly. If any of the Victoria readers has a chance, try her classes - I definitely plan on taking some more. Two foodie thumbs up!

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