Saturday, November 26, 2011

Blackjack (21 Things)'s list time!!  This fun little time waster has been going around bloggieland, so I had to join in on the fun...basically share 21 rando bits of information that you might not know about me.  Let's see...where shall I start...

  1. I love the feel of working up a huge sweat when I exercise but I hate sweating at any other time.  Even if I break out into a light sweat doing something like walking, I feel like I have to take a shower.  
  2. I drink plain hot water all the time.  It's a Chinese thing.
  3. I cannot be more than a few feet away from my iPhone at all times.  I'm totally and utterly addicted to it and can't imagine life without it now...I'm like Gollum with it.  I use it for everything!
  4. I hate flying.  I'm not at the Ativan stage yet, but I definitely don't enjoy it but I do it because it gets me to Maui.
  5. I am totally and utterly OCD about my floors.  I vacuum daily and can't stand it when I see crumbs.
  6. Even though I would loooooove to own one, I am afraid of gas stoves...actually gas in general.  It's a bummer because all the great chefs use gas!
  7. As soon as I get home from work, I get into "home" mode.  That means contact lenses out, hair tied up, sweats on and makeup off.  I look like a bum but I don't care!  Poor Hubs.
  8. I've never lived anywhere except for Victoria. 
  9. I am terrified of spiders when they're inside the house, but not that scared of them when I come across them outdoors.  I think it's that element of surprise that I don't like.
  10. I used to have spiked hair that stood up about three inches and fanned out on the sides, sort of a modified Asian mohawk.  I look back now and wonder what was I thinking!  It was cool back then though.  I think.
  11. I watched Hockey Night In Canada without fail when I was a kid...we'd all sit on on the couch and my mom would be screaming with excitement.  We never cared who won, as long as it was a Canadian team!
  12. I have terrible luck with the tires on my cars.  I've had numerous flats, punctures or weird leaks so I'm paranoid about them and am always checking my air pressure.
  13. My first job was as a grocery store cashier when I was 15.  I still remember my first day clearly and how scared shitless I was.
  14. I'm not a big fan of chocolate ice cream...plain old vanilla is always my first choice.  Unless it's Moosetracks...
  15. I get my hair cut every six weeks on the dot.  My hair is hard to handle (stick straight, thick but no sucks) and grows like a noxious weed so I have to get it cut regularly to beat it into submission. 
  16. I LOVE anything with peanut butter.  This is shocking because I ate peanut butter and marmalade (barfola) sandwiches every day as a kid and it was definitely not by choice!  I despise marmalade now (it has peels in it, for pete's sake!) but I do love peanut butter.
  17. I love to read.  I sort of fell out of it for a long time but have rediscovered it again.
  18. I have girl crushes on Sophie Lui (a BC newscaster) and Sarah Richardson, the Canadian home designer...I love their sense of style!  I actually look forward to the news every day so I can see what Sophie is wearing.  And Sarah...her clothes are perfection.  And her designs?  Amazing.  Dreamy sigh.
  19. My favourite kind of evening is when it's super stormy/windy/rainy/snowy outside, and I'm all cozy inside with candles, a fire, tea and a good book.  Ahhhh.....
  20. I love gingers.  Hence the whole Prince Harry thing.  Gurgle.
  21. I currently own about 130 cookbooks.  If I won the lottery I would have a whole library full of them!
HBBC:  Nov 25, 7 points (60 mins bootcamp, fruits/veg), Nov 26 7 points (6 mile run, 20 mins weightlifting)


Angie said...

Plain hot water... really?

lilmeg said...

I'm vanilla too!

I do hot water, but add a bit of lemon. Yum.

I love Victoria and am jealous that you live there :)

TX Runner Mom said...

Yep, I get into my comfy clothes, take off the make up and contacts immediately when I get home too. I've often wondered what my husband really thinks about this...