Saturday, November 5, 2011


Sigh.  Dang I hate this getting old gig!  I got up Friday morning bright and early to get on the treadmill, and within a few minutes of starting a slow jog I felt a pop in my left shoulder and immediately knew that one of my ribs had come out of place.  Nooooooo!  Unfortunately this happens a LOT, so I knew that I had to get my butt into see my chiro pronto...if I didn't, my whole back and neck would start seizing and it's absolutely agonizing.  Thank goodness I was able to get in that evening!  Rib was out of place and the neck was out of alignment...darn hybermobility.  I was pissed because it meant that I had to skip a long run that I had scheduled with M this morning, as I was still incredibly stiff and sore...I've been missing my longer runs and was kinda looking forward to it.  Being injured and not being able to run always makes me regret the times that I blew off workouts!  And I guess I have to look at the bright side...Mr. Rib didn't pop out before the marathon or during my trip to Maui, right?  Always a silver lining, folks.

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