Thursday, November 24, 2011

Oh Help Me

I need help. 

I need willpower!

This time of year is soooo hard.  I just looked at my calendar, and between December 1st and December 24th, I have five dinners out and five lunches to attend.  Gah!  And I'm sure between now and then, a few other things will pop up.  I fully admit...without a race to train for or a goal to reach, I'm lacking motivation to keep my eating clean or to exercise.  Sure, overall my eating isn't all that bad and I'm still working out, but I'm pretty meh and getting super lackadaisical.  I guess that's the danger of taking a break at this time of year!  Maybe what I'll do is try for a spring marathon in 2013, so my training would start around the beginning of December.

HBBC - Nov 22, 1 point (fruits and veggies), Nov 23, 3 points (30 mins biking, fruits and veggies), Nov 24, 1 point (fruits and veggies)