Friday, November 18, 2011

An Old Fave

Tonight Hubs and I were doing our usual Friday night grocery shop...yes...that's right, we are dullsville and old, so on a perfectly good Friday night when there's copious amounts of drinking and general overall debauchery happening, we're at the grocery store cruising the aisles.  Hey, it's strategic...I hate shopping when it's busy because inevitably some oblivious moron will stop in the middle of the aisle while they look at pasta sauces and piss me off, so I avoid shopping at busy times.

Aaaaannnyways, I was cruising the aisles and I saw what used to be a staple in my diet about ten years ago....

I used to loooooove this stuff!  Seriously, I would eat it all the time...for lunch, for dinner, for lunch AND dinner.  I picked up the can and looked fondly at it, as I haven't bought beefaroni in years.  I had a little giggle as I remembered one incident where I brought it to work and a guy said "ewwwwwww!  my five year old daughter won't even eat that, it's like dog food!"  Hmph.  To be truthful, I almost bought some for old times sake, but the thought of all the crap in it turned me right off.  I know they had some commercials in the past few years that purported that beefaroni was made me realize that learning about food and nutrition isn't easy.  Back then when I was downing cans and cans of this stuff, I didn't think it was a big deal...but couldn't imagine doing the same now...and it wasn't really all that long ago, maybe ten years ago?  It made me understand maybe a bit more about why people may not choose to eat do what you know, and if your parents didn't eat healthy, then the likelihood that you won't is probably pretty high.   Or people may just not get exposed to that type of information.  The other day I was talking to someone about healthy eating and was shocked at what they were saying.  Sigh.

All this from a can of beefaroni...Chef Boyardee would be so proud.  Heh.

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lilmeg said...

Hold the phone. Grocery shopping on Friday night isn't cool? Oops. That's my life. LOL