Saturday, May 8, 2010

14K - Yo Rocked It Yo

OK, maybe I didn't ROCK it...but I felt pretty good the whole way and my energy was strong. We had to get up at 6am again because Hubs had to be at a meeting at 9am. I was feeling a bit like crap because I had a few drinks Friday night (making me dehydrated), plus I cheated and had gobs of delicious, oooey gooey dairy. My stomach was definitely feeling a bit crappy and my face was puffy. When the alarm went off, this is the mental fight I had:

Head: Hey dude. It's time to get up and get out there! It's a gorgeous day for a run.

Body: Bugger off. I was up at 5am yesterday and got to bed late last night. Not to mention the sangria and martini that we had a dinner - think that was your idea.

Head: You can't blow this off!! You have to stay on schedule.

Body: Meh....this bed is nice and warm and I'm sooooo tired after all the hillwork on Friday's bootcamp.

Head: You're gonna feel sooooo guilty if you don't get your ass up...

Body: &*#&$ off!!!

Once I finally got myself up, we headed out around 6:15am and it was a gorgeous morning. Cool and crisp. My legs felt fairly light, but I had to really slow down my pace towards the end as my knee was giving me some grief and was starting to ache. Overall pace was around 6:15 min/km so I'm happy with that. As I was running, I started thinking about a question that one of my fellow bootcampers asked me on Friday, when we were talking about the whole marathon gig - "why the hell do you want to do a marathon?!" I laughed at the time and didn't really answer but as I was alone with thoughts for an hour and a half I started thinking about it and came up with this list:

1. It's on my bucket list of things to do before I die
2. I have to have goals - being aimless drives me crazy so this is a natural progression from the 10K and half marathon distance
3. It's the ultimate test of my body and endurance
4. When I finish the marathon, I'm gonna get a tattoo

Yep, that's right! To commemorate this event, I'm going to get a tattoo - I think on my foot. I haven't thought of exactly what...maybe the date (kinda cool, the marathon is on Oct 10/2010, so 10/10/10) or a stylized 42.2 or 26.2. Anyways, we'll see, I haven't come across the perfect thing yet....and suggestions are welcome....

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Angie said...

Ohhhh... I love the 10.10.10 idea!