Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Heart You Jamie Oliver

OK, I can you not love this face? And his cute lisp?

Besides being cute as a button, I have to give Jamie Oliver kudos for getting people to think more about what they feed their kids. I watched his documentary called "Jamie's School Dinners", where he's trying to improve the quality and nutritional value of the school lunch programs in England. This was so incredibly interesting to watch - firstly because I couldn't believe the crap that people are OK with feeding their kids, and secondly I was astonished that the kids that he was working with didn't know what some basic fruits and veggies were. However, they had absolutely no problem identifying fish and chips or chicken mcnuggets. There was one part of the show where Jamie fed this little boy a strawberry and he puked and started crying and saying the strawberry was gross. How can a delicious, ripe, juicy sweet strawberry be gross? The other interesting thing was that so many adults were against him as well. Amazing. I guess change is hard, but why wouldn't you want to feed your kids healthy, nutritious food?

After he finally managed to institute some change with how Britons feed their kids, Jamie took his cause to the States and came across the exact same thing. In the new documentary called Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, he ground up all the crappiest crap like fat, bones, gristle, added a bunch of fillers and formed it into a chicken nugget-like shape and asked a bunch of kids if they would eat it. Like Jamie, I was floored when they said yes. So sad. I guess I'm just so impressed that he's not just in it for the fame and money, but it seems like Jamie actually cares about the future generation of kids (and adults, for that matter) being healthy.

Jamie, you rock.

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