Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Hump Day and Stuff

SOooooo happy that Wednesday is here. I got my butt up bright and early this morning to go to bootcamp and felt pretty darn spritely all day today. We did a lot of running so I was trying to run at a faster pace to work on my speed but my legs were feeling really heavy this morning - I actually had to stop after about 2K and walk. I've been feeling really tired lately and I think it's actually the lack of exercise that's making me lethargic. I guess that's the fine line between "taper" and "slackass". I'm also back on my "meds" as Hubs likes to call it - I was sporadic in taking my supplements but am back on the wagon. Here's a list of what I take each day:

- vitamin D
- coenzyme Q10
- omega 3 fish oil
- Adrenal Assist
- multivitamin
- trace minerals (supposed to help with immune system)

- glass of Greens+ extra energy/probiotics/calcium powder

All in all it's about a dozen pills, 4 of which are huge. MASSIVE. I have this terrible paranoia about taking pills and have to psyche myself up, and I won't take them when I'm by myself in case I choke and someone has to give me the heimlich maneuver. Yep, I'm weird like that. Overall, the meds are really helping - I've noticed huge difference in my skin (mostly from the fish oil) and I'm sleeping way better...I used to have a hard time staying asleep at night but when I started taking the Greens+, I've been sleeping through the night for months now. I'm sold.

The pictures came out today for the 10K race I ran a week and half ago. All I can say is gaaaaaaaaaahhhh! I look like I'm trying to catch mouth is hanging open in all of them, I look pained and I'm seriously, seriously regretting my choice of gear. I didn't realize that spandex running shorts were not my friend. Note to self - must pick up a new pair of running shorts or a running skirt....lululemon, here I come.

Oh. And I promise soon that there will be pics added to the blog....I just gotta figure out how to download the pics off my camera. Hee.

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