Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Clean Eating Redux

Ahhhh...I knew I would forget to mention something in my crippled state yesterday. The finger is much better today and typing on it now is slightly uncomfortable rather than excruciatingly unbearable. As long as the nail is OK - I'm good with losing toenails for my sport but I kinda like my fingernails, thanks.

I totally forgot to talk about a fantastic source of clean eating for anyone out there who is interested - check out Clean Eating magazine. Lots of informative articles, clean recipes (lots of vegetarian friendly ones) and other cool stuff. I started reading it probably about a year or so ago and love love love it! I've tried quite a few of the recipes and they're pretty tasty and fairly simple to make. A neat thing they do is they have two week or monthly menu plans with recipes, complete with a grocery shopping list - so all you have to do is get all the necessary ingredients, whip up the meals according to the recipes and voila! Easy peasy - no brainer clean eating. And quite often they'll do special menu plans where they keep the meals at a certain cost for those who are on a budget. Eating clean can get expensive (has anyone seen the price of chicken breast lately?!) so I like that they keep cost in mind. Two huge thumbs up from this foodie!

Ohhh...also forgot to mention - I've officially registered for the marathon now. Funny, I think I've been putting it off because it's kind of scary but now it's real. I'm committed. I'm so doing this!

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Angie said...

Woo hoo - congrats on the registration!