Saturday, November 20, 2010

Foodie Heaven

So I've mentioned my obsession with cookbooks.  I'm on a total bingefest of cookbooks right now - in the last two weeks I've bought ten new ones.  It's like crack!  Everywhere I turn, there's cookbooks on sale...and ones that I've totally been wanting.  I mentioned I bought the latest Barefoot Contessa cookbook...and liked it so much that I went online and noticed that they were on sale so I bought all the other cookbooks she has.  Then today I went to Winners (OMG, I love Winners) and found a Jamie Oliver and two Mario Batali's that I've been jonesing for, all at great prices.

Maybe it's because I can't eat all the delicious and decadent food I want, I'm filling the hole by reading about it?  Ha!  Anyways, I'm in foodie heaven right now - it's cold and snowy out, the fireplace is on and I'm about to break into my stack of cookbooks.  Life is good.

PS.  No...those aren't my cookbooks....I'm not quite at the calibre of being able to cook like Thomas Keller.  I hope one day though!

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