Thursday, November 4, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge

Alrighty - if it has the word "challenge" in it, I'm all over it.  I heard about this last year as a lot of peeps in the bloggieland were doing it but I didn't get on the wagon fast enough.  I'm all over some bootie bustin' action this winter though!  Check out the deets on the challenge here which is being set up by Amanda at RuntoTheFinish - there's some good swag to be given away and it'll hopefully stop us from gaining weight during the holiday season - a win-win all around! C' know you want to...

2.  Test No. 1

So far I've been a good girl and stuck on my diet - but tonight will be the first major test of my willpower.  I belong to a scotch club (loooove the stuff) and I registered for a scotch tasting well before I knew I was going to do the 10 Pound Challenge.  So what happens at one of these gigs is that you sample a small selection of scotches from a featured distiller and once you're substantially liquored up, you go stuff your face at a curry buffet (which is fitting for this tasting, as the distiller is from India).  Now the scotch...I'll drink some of it but can abstain from pounding it down as it's potent stuff.  The curry buffet however...pappadums, naan...butter chicken and deep fried samosas or pakoras...gaaah!   Did I say I LOVE Indian food?   And we all know what happens when you drink a little...inhibitions fly out the window and next thing you know I'm loading up my plate with roti after roti and shovelling butter chicken in my face as fast as I can.  I'll stay strong tonight though and steer away from the breads and stick with chicken (I'll try to get as much sauce off as I can) and veggies...God I pray there are veggies.

UPDATE:  well, I drank all the whisky but I resisted all the naan and samosas and bad stuff and stuck with chickpeas and a tiny bit of butter chicken and curried lamb.  Like a smidgen.  So not bad.  I'm not sure if I'll be makin' bootcamp tomorrow morning.  Just sayin'.

 3.  Cracked

I went to the chiro last night and got cracked again - little by little the back is feeling better but there are still some errant aches and pains that are happening.  I'll be all good and then feel a twinge in my back and then my hip and front thigh start to get this twanging nerve pain...gah.  I'm sure the vertabrae being out probably irritated some nerves and it might take a bit for things to settle down.  Just glad it's starting to feel better though!  Bring on the running.  Hee.

UPDATE:  after the whisky, my back feels much better.  Great in fact!  :)

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