Saturday, November 27, 2010

TPC Week 4 - And the Results Are....

My day of reckoning has arrived!  To start the day off...and to potentially work off some final calories, we went for a nice 12K run this morning downtown. After all the nasty snowy weather we've had, today turned out to be a beautiful crisp sunny morning, which was perfect for a run.  Loved it.

After our run, we got showered up and headed to where I was going to weigh in.  At this point I was dying of thirst, because I didn't drink a ton of water after the run to avoid excess water weight on the scale.  I got on the scale and....

6.8 pounds down!  YAHOOO!!!  I was soooo happy!!  Hubs had gone off shopping while I was weighing in, so I ran off to find him so I could tell him my good news...he said he's still going to "Tommy Europe" me because it ain't over till it's over...and he doesn't want me to relax and start cheating.  Ahhh...Hubs...he is such a good fella. 

I'm super happy - and it gives me even more resolve to stick with it.  December is going to be really, really, really tough as we have party after party after party to go to...and we're hosting Xmas dinner as well.  I guess the good thing about that is I can control what goes into the cooking.  The other good thing is that Fabulous Boss has given us the week off between Xmas and New Year's (see, this is why I call him fabulous!), so I can spend lots of extra time working off any caloric excesses.  I really want to start the year off feeling good and healthy, not crappy from all the holiday excesses like I have every year for as long as I can remember.  Anyways, I'm gonna stick my nose to the grindstone and work my hardest to make my goal. 



Angie said...

Woo hoo!
Go Wong Go!
So what did you spend your $50 on?!?!?!

Cindy said...

Nothing yet...but I sense a visit to lululemon in the very near future... :)