Friday, August 26, 2011

The Biggie

Doing 32K tomorrow morning...up at the crack of dawn to start running by 5:20am.  This'll be the farthest I've gone this training cycle...and the farthest I ran last year before I got injured.  I was thinking about how I trained last year, and I gotta say...I didn't respect the distance.  I was pretty lackadaisical in my training compared to last year, when I think about it.  I didn't fuel properly, I skipped workouts, I didn't really put the effort in that I should have.  The one thing that I'm really hoping makes a difference injury-wise is I'm training with walk breaks every 3K (which works to about 20 minutes).  A lot of people do the 10 and 1's, but the race has water stations every 3K so thought it was perfect as I plan on walking through the aid stations.

Off to bed now!  Sleep tight.

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Hunnybee said...

Can't wait to hear how you do. We don't do 32 till next week since our goal race is a week after yours.

Good Luck!