Monday, August 22, 2011

Whitewater - 12 for 12

So time to turn this blog to food for just a moment!  Yep...I'm still cooking my way through Whitewater, and with the exception of one week where I didn't do any cooking and relied on the bounty that was in my freezer, I've done one or two recipes every week from Whitewater.  And I gotta tell foodies out there need to get this cookbook maintenant!  Every recipe I've tried has been hit in this house - most recently I tried the Minestrone, Pad Thai Fried Noodles, Indian Chicken Burgers and the yummy dressing from the Glory Bowl recipe.  All were delicious...even Hubs is totally impressed by the number of great recipes out of one little old cookbook.  When he tried the Glory Bowl dressing recipe, he said that we'd never have to buy store bought dressing again and that we should throw out all the crap dressings that are in our fridge.  That is high praise, people.

Minestrone - 4/5 (the only thing I felt wrong with this is that it may have needed just a tiny bit more spices.  The recipe called for 3 tbsp of fresh basil which doesn't seem like quite enough)

Pad Thai Fried Noodles - 5/5 (this was better than a pad thai that I had at a very well known thai chain in Vancouver)

Indian Chicken Burgers - 5/5 (we had these with the raita recipe and jarred mango chutney (I was going to make the chutney recipe from the book but the mangoes weren't quite ripe enough, dang.  Hubs did his "MMMMMMmmmmmm!!!" happy food sound so I know he liked these)

Glory Bowl Dressing - 5+++++/5 (zomg, this shizzle is yum.  For those of you who live in Victoria, imagine Japanese steak sauce but thinner and with a vinegar-y zing.  Actually it's very similar to Annie's Goddess Dressing (which I noticed I can't get in stores anymore, wah!).  This made me want to eat tons of salad and veggies just so I could eat the dressing.  I may even have licked my plate after.  What?)

So...I've tried 12 recipes so far, and all 12 have been fantastic.  This has trumped all my other cookbook favourites and spends more time off my bookshelf than on.  I actually find myself constantly flipping through it and thinking about which recipe to try next.

Shelley Adams, you are a frikkin' food genious.


gravityofthesituation said...

Which Whitewater cook book is it? I looked it up on Amazon and there's several versions.

Cindy said...

it's the first one, so the Whitewater Cooks...I have the second one (Whitewater Cooks at Home) as well but haven't made anything out of it's a bit fancier, and seems more for entertaining!