Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The title says it all - I am totally drained and sapped of energy.  Hubs is back on his Saturday shifts, so because this week is a step back week, we did our switch-it-up long run on Wednesday night gig, and pounded out 19K tonight.  I actually felt pretty good for the first 10K, but I think having such a short period of time from the last long run has really tired my body out and I was tired for the second half of the run.   When the distances were shorter I think it was OK, but having just done 26K four days ago probably wasn't enough recovery time.  I managed to get through it and get it done, but I'm actually feeling kinda queasy right now and could barely choke back my dinner.  I know, crazy right?!  Me, not want to eat?!  Hubs even tried to give me a some chocolate and I turned it down.  You gotta know there's something wrong when I don't wanna eat.

And...I'm hoping it's nothing...but I did have a bit of heel pain today in my right foot.  As soon as we finished I started to massage it and it feels a bit better.  Crossing my fingers it's nothing...and have a physio appointment booked on Monday already so good timing.  And tomorrow I'm supposed to do another run since I didn't get any workouts in on Sunday and Monday because we were in Van...but ya know what?  I'm tired, my body needs a rest so I'm going to take an extra rest day and take it easy.

Nighty night!

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Hunnybee said...

Defintely take the rest day. Hope Physio goes well on Monday.