Saturday, July 30, 2011

Marathon Quest 2011 - Week 8 Recap

Halfway!  Woop woop.  Kinda can't believe it...feels like it's been awhile and also feels like I just started.  The second half of the training is the hard part...distances are really going to start to build so I've got to gird my loins for it.  And I was a good girl and didn't jam on bootcamp this week, so got all my workouts in as planned. 

Sunday - rest day

Monday - bootcamp
As usual, Sarge blasted our asses with repeat intervals and a circuit.  I know I will be thanking her later when I finish the marathon, but I was cursing her in my mind when I heard the words "one more time, ladies!" come out of her mouth.  I still love her though.

Tuesday - 6K run treadmill

Wednesday - 6K run outdoors

Thursday - rest day

Friday - bootcamp

Saturday - 26K aka HELL's been awhile since I've run this far.  We headed out at 8am, which was probably a mistake...knowing how long it would take me would put me solidly in the 11am range to finish, which would mean it's HOT.  And it was HOT.  Hubs rode his bike with me and packed my water and Gu, so I could run unencumbered and I'm so glad I did.  I was pretty OK up to about 20K and then I just fell apart.  It was almost immediate that I could feel I had no gas left in the tank, and the last 6K were torturous.  There was no shade, so I was in the blazing sun the whole time.  I had to pretty much walk at the end of each kilometre just to finish.  And then...after running for three hours and feeling like ass, I had to climb the steep monster hill back up to my place.  Now you people who know what I'm talking about know it's an incredibly steep hill....I had to stop many times just to get home.  Not fun!  As soon as I walked in the door I slammed back some L-glutamine, stuffed some of those Whitewater granola bars in my face with no guilt (my Garmin said I burnt 1400 calories so whatevs!) and lay comatose on the sofa for a few hours.  Thank god that's over with...cuz now I can head to the big smoke with a free conscience.  Giddyup!

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