Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mid Week Long Run

This is gonna be short and sweet - we did our long run tonight (16K) and it wasn't half cramps and I had lots of energy!   I've been trying to make sure I keep a slower pace so I'm sure that helped.  Sunny but windy, so we stayed cool...I feel extremely perky and hope I can sleep tonight.  Hubs...not so much.  He's practically comatose, but I fully credit that to the bottle of San Miguel beer we were supposed to share as a treat for running (OK, it's the next day and I just re-read this and we sound like freaks that we're SHARING a's not cheat day unfortunately, so no boozahol)...but which he practically downed all by his lonesome on an empty stomach and dehydrated.  I think I had two sips. 

Off to bed...another run tomorrow morning!  10K scheduled, we'll see.  Heh.

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