Sunday, July 17, 2011

Marathon Quest 2011 - Week Six Recap

Whew, busy day at home is over and I'm finally sitting down and getting down to the important stuff...blogging!  This week's cooking took for-EVER...washing, cutting, dicing, chopping...I started at 8am and didn't finish until almost 2pm.  Gah.  The garden was also calling to me desperately...weeds galore, tons of deadheading to do and garden beds to edge.  I don't know about any of you gardeners out there, but I can't stand garden beds that aren't cleanly edged.  It must be my anal, perfectionist tendencies coming out!  Anyways, I'm tired from a full day of chores around the house but happy because we've got a fridge full of healthy, home-cooked food (my BIL is coming to visit this week), the garden looks nice and the house is tidy and clean.  Ahhhhh, domestic bliss...well, until next week when I get to do it all over again.  Sigh.  Housework really is never ending.

Week six!  Holy, time is flying by pretty quickly - entire training cycle is 18 weeks I believe, so I'm 33% of the way there.  We were chatting with one of our neighbours who's also a runner (and an Ironman) and he commented that there's no feeling like crossing that finish line at the end of the marathon... can't wait to see that for myself.

Sunday - 20 mins HIIT
After a weekend full of debauchery at the cabin and not a smidge of exercise, I felt the need to just move and break a sweat.  Normally Sunday is a rest day, but I hopped on the stationery bike when I got home and ticked off 20 mins of HIIT.  Felt SO much better after.

Monday - bootcamp
As usual, Sarge kicked my ass...we did hundreds (hundred pushups, triceps, lunges, etc.) and hills galore.  My legs were super sore because of the all the lunging, but I don't mind as it just means I'm getting stronger.

Tuesday - 6K run treadmill

Wed - 19K run outside
Whew!  I blogged a bit about this on Wednesday night, we were so zonked after doing this mid-week run.  We've got another busy Saturday coming up with a friend's wedding, but we've got 23K on the schedule and not sure if we can fit that in on a weeknight...we'd be running until close to 9pm, so we decided that we'll run on Saturday instead and drink lotsa coffee to stay awake through the day's festivities.

Thursday - rest

Friday - bootcamp 6K run treadmill
Yes...I was bad and skipped bootcamp.  D wasn't there as she's in Disneyland so I jammed...what they say about doing stuff with a friend is so true, because you don't want to not go and disappoint them.  So even knowing that, I just didn't feel like going and decided to do a treadmill run at home instead. 

Saturday - 10K 6K run treadmill
Another thwarted run...but thwarted by myself.  I had all the intentions of doing a 10K run on the treadmill, but just couldn't drag my arse out of bed to get 'er done before I had to head out to meet a friend for coffee.  Yes, sometimes I really suck.


Anonymous said...

Angie says you so don't suck!
Go Wong Go!!! You're working so hard to achieve this goal and YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

Cindy said...

thanks ange!!! i look at my "Go Wong" card all the time to get my arse up and moving when I don't feel like it! :)