Monday, July 11, 2011

Marathon Quest 2011 - Week Five Recap

I think Hubs and I are fans of mid-week long runs now!  We're doing another long run on Wednesday after work - we're both busy on Saturday, which means we'd have to get up earlyearlyearly to get our run in (19K this week) so we thought we'd do a repeat of last week and do it after work.  We won't be able to do it too much longer as the distances are starting to build...we don't want to be running until midnight or something!  But nice to know that we have options. 

Oh!  Weekend up at the cabin was fab-u-lous!  We basically sat around and talked the whole entire weekend and it was sooooo nice and relaxing.  And...along with cabin-ing goes lots and lots of food.   Pretty much all I did on Saturday was eateateat...I actually woke up in the middle of the night with the worst stomach ache, and barely ate anything on Sunday because my body was still living off all the excess food that I ate.  Ha!  I seriously overdid it, but it was worth every bite.  Well...except this morning when I had to go to bootcamp and it felt like I was towing a piano behind me when I was running.  And I was totally out of breath!  It just totally highlights to me how important food is and the effect that it has on the body.  Back on the good food train now.

Anyhoo...Week 5's workouts were:

Sunday - 60 mins stationery bike

Monday - bootcamp

Tuesday - 6K run treadmill

Wednesday - 16K run

Thursday - 6K run

Friday/Saturday - rest

I really slowed it down my long run on Wednesday, and really concentrated on proper running form.  I collapse inward and tense my glutes when I get tired, so made a really concerted effort to stand tall, engage my core and relax my glutes...and so far, so good!  My foot hasn't been sore so I'm hopeful that all the work we've been doing is paying off.  Yahoo!  I've been holding off on registering for the marathon to see how things go...but I think I'm going to go whole hog and sign up.  Yahoo! 

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lilmeg said...

Glad to hear the cabin was good! I love get-aways!

Nice work on the mid-week long runs! WHOOHOO for signing up!