Saturday, July 2, 2011

Marathon Quest 2011 - Week Four Recap

Hurray - lovin' the long weekend so far!  Two days in and we've had lots of relaxin' and enjoying the sunshine. Yes...that's right, sunshine...the weather's actually been pretty good this long weekend.

Sunday - 20 mins HIIT on stationery bike

Huh...been awhile since I've been on the bike and I can sure feel it.  Legs were super tired and I couldn't keep up my usual pace.  Normally Sunday is a rest day but I had a physio appointment on Monday so knew that I'd have to take Tuesday off as well. 

Monday - rest

Sigh.  Was supposed to go to bootcamp this morning, but my stomach was bugging me through the night and wasn't great in the morning so I decided to skip class.  It continued to bug me during the day but by evening I felt a lot better, thank goodness.  Hate stomach stuff.

Physio was good - she said that I was doing really well with my stability and that I was moving really well.  Had a few great a-ha moments when we talked about my form when I'm running, and connecting it back to my exercises.  She gave me another one to work on, and then zapped me with some more IMS, which was much easier this time.  I felt bad though..when I first walked into the room...the person who was next door must have been pretty new to IMS and she let out a whole series of screams and panting.  The receptionist looked at me and said "do you still want IMS today?" 

Tuesday - rest

Wednesday - 6K run outside

I gotta say, I'm really liking these mid-week runs.  It's sooooo nice and quiet out in the mornings, and it's just me and Hubs running, running, running.  Such a great way to start the morning.

Thursday - 6K run treadmill

Normally treadmill runs are boring and I can't wait to be over with it, but this week's run was good and I had lots of energy.  I'm supposed to try and fit in a 10K run during the week so next week I promise to do a 10K treadmill run.

Friday - 16K run

Yep...we did our long run on Friday instead this week.  To be honest, we wanted to get it over with...and wanted Friday to be our "chore" day, so we could have the full weekend to relax...Saturday Hubs and I had scheduled in to sleep in, make ourselves a nice breakfast, hang about the house and then go to see a movie (X-Men:  First Class...great movie, if you like the X-Men series).  And yep...I only got in four workouts and didn't make it to bootcamp...but spending time with Hubs is way more important...all about balance.

Anyway - the run was good...we headed downtown and ran along the water, which was so beautiful.  Felt a little tired on this week's run...and probably extra tired because I kept trying to remember my body position.  I've been having some achiness on the inside lower leg, and I really noticed that if I run with better form, the foot/leg pain is a lot better...but when you're tired, it's hard to remember to stand up straight, unclench my butt, shoulders down, etc., etc.  Always a work in progress!

Saturday - rest

See Friday's entry - did nuthin', and it was great.

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