Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  Lock and Load

Wahooo!  I've been meaning to do this for ages since I saw Oprah's show on getting a proper bra fitting and what it can do to improve how clothes fit.  I've been wearing the same brand of bra for years and I it.   The back rides up, the straps fall down...the girls were just all over the place and I always felt uncomfortable so was constantly adjusting the darn thing.  The last few weeks I'd just had enough and decided to go get some good bras and get a professional fitting done so I know what size I should be buying. 

I toodled off to a local lingerie store after work today and the owner measured me up...and surprise, surprise...I was totally in the wrong size.  I had the band size too big, and the cup size too small (gulp!) and was wearing my bra way too high up on my back resulting in the dreaded back fat situation.  I tried on a few bras and really liked two (purple, no less!) which really held the girls in, and another that pushed them up to heights that they hadn't been in since I was in high school.  I actually look a bit narrower through the waist now because the girls are no longer down by my belly button.  Ha!  Unfortunately the store I was at didn't have a huge selection of bras in my size as they tend to focus on girls whose cups runneth over, but at least now I know what to look for.  And the twins are much, much happier and look much, much better.  I'm a happy girl.

2.  Whitewater Part Deux

Week two and I've got two more recipes picked out - a lemony lentil soup and granola bars made with peanut butter, one of my favourite things on earth.  I'm heading over to my friend B's for our monthly Sunday morning coffee klatch, so thought the granola bars would be yummy for brekkie.  I forgot that we've also made the chicken marbella as well a few weeks ago before I decided to cook this book, so thought I'd mention that we loved this recipe.  Loved. Out of five stars, I'd rate this a five plus...and would be a perfect dish for guests. Mmmm.

3.  This Song Makes Me Smile

During the Canucks playoff season, I would hear this song all the time on CBC during the commercial breaks and thought I had to find out who sang this song.  Something about the tune and lyrics gives me a lift every time I hear it so I thought I'd share.  Love it!

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