Sunday, July 3, 2011

Switchin' Things Up This Week

What a wonderful, lazy day.  Lazy, lazy, lazy and it was perfect...just what the doctor ordered.  Hubs was out for most of the day so I had the house to myself, so I read, blogged, watched TV, sat on the deck, lather, rinse, repeat. Seriously, why are not all weeks three day weekends?  One day to get stuff done, one day to have some fun and another day to laze about. Sounds perfect to me!

So this week is going to be a bit mixed up for training.  I'm heading up island to a girlfriend's cabin this weekend - super rustic, and so much fun!  I'm going up Friday night after work, and won't be back until likely Sunday afternoon.  Pretty glad that I'm at the beginning stages of training so this week's long run is only 16K.  I'd kind of forgotten how much of a commitment that training for the marathon is, in terms of weekend events or other social engagements...sometimes hard to balance both but not impossible.  And while running is very important to me, it's not the end all be all...friends and family first!

Anyways, this week's training will be as follows:

Sun - stationery bike/x-training
Mon - bootcamp
Tues - 6K run (morning)
Wed - 16K run (after work)
Thurs - 10K run (morning)
Fri - bootcamp

Yep...running after work...bleh!  Weather is going to be around 20 degrees, which is hot for running...also won't be able to eat or drink much during the day to avoid getting cramps.  It'll all be worth it when I'm at the cabin on the lake...ahhhhh!

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lilmeg said...

Weekends at the lake = best ever! Have fun! Bring bug spray. I got eaten alive this weekend, and sneakers hurt over the bites!