Sunday, July 24, 2011

Marathon Quest 2011 - Week 7 Recap

Ahhhhhhhh, I love weddings.  All that love swirling around and witnessing the start of a couple's lives together is just such an amazing thing!  We went to a wedding last night for a high school friend of mine, and it's put me in a great mood - I guess you could say I'm looking at the world with heart shaped glasses today.  Back in the day, I used to hang out with a posse of three guys and another girl who was my best friend at the time, and the groom was one of the gang.  As times went on and we all got married, worked on careers and had kids (um, not me though...shiver), we'd drift in and out of what a happy thing it was to hear that the last unmarried guy in our little group was getting hitched.  The groom works at a place that was my very first job ever, so a lot of the guests were people I hadn't seen in well over 25 years.  I admit - I was kinda nervous going because of this reason...I was trying to explain it to Hubs that it was almost like a high school reunion.  Who would I see, would people talk to me?  Would I be that person?  There were a few people that I was nervous to see, including an ex that I dated very briefly and a girl who had been angry that I was friends with her ex-boyfriend, and we'd had a simmering feud that rivalled the Cold War since.

Well...all the worry was for naught.  It was like a big happy reunion, with lots of hugs and catching up with people I hadn't seen in soooooo long.  We had a group photo done with our old posse, and had so much fun talking to everyone and finding out what people were up to.  The ex was actually seated at our table and as we went around the table and did introductions, there was no hint of I said my first name and said that we worked together, remember?  I could  practically see the  light bulb go on over his head!  He was pretty surprised and kept repeating my name in shock.  Overall it turned out awesome...he is a hilarious guy, there was no weirdness and he kept our table in stitches with his running commentary.  Now things didn't work out so hot with the girl...a few cold glares were thrown at me through the night...oh well, you can't win 'em all! 

The wedding itself was beautiful - what wedding isn't?  There were a few heart tugging moments when the groom choked up as he said his vows and needed a kleenex, and at the reception when he was toasting his mom and everything that she's done for him.  His dad died young, so his mom has been his rock for as long as I've known him.  So touching, and so wonderful to see a guy who appreciates his mom so much.  You know what they can tell a lot about a guy in how he treats his mom, so the bride is one lucky gal, I tell ya.

Anyhoo...the whole point of this post was to recap my workouts this week, and the whole point of the wedding story was that we were tired because we had to get up at 5:30am to get out there and do our long run before we went to the wedding ceremony.  In the gap of time between the ceremony and reception, I honestly could barely stay vertical!  So this week's workouts?  Here goes:

Sunday - rest

Monday - bootcamp
Almost died...we did a run and then ran a really steep hill backwards five times.  Yep, we had Sarge again.

Tuesday - 6K run treadmill

Wednesday - 6K run outdoors

Thursday - rest

Friday - 15 minute warmup run, 30 mins weightlifting
Yeah....I jammed on  bootcamp again.  Thank goodness D is back at bootcamp this week!

Saturday - 23K
Given how tired we were after a week of early mornings, this run went really well.  We did the loop around our house (3K-ish loop) which meant I had to run the route seven times.  Boring?  A little...but flat!  Hubs did 15K this week, and rode on his bike with me for the last 8K.  Whatta guy!  So nice to have the company, and he carried my water for me...nice to have my own personal water boy.  Ha!

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