Thursday, July 28, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  Headin' to the Big City

Hubs and I are heading over to Vancouver this be honest, I really don't feel like going and just want to stay home, but we've got friends coming in from Hong Kong so are making the trip over to see them so it should be fun.  The upside - we've got the whole day on Sunday to ourselves, so we're going to hang out, go shopping, try some of the food carts that are cropping up all over the city (I've got the Vancouver Street Food app on my iPhone!) and then go somewhere nice for dinner to celebrate our anniversary (Phnom Penh, anyone?).  Sounds like a plan to me!

2.  Whitewater Granola Bars

As Christopher Walken in "The Continental" would wow wow wow...are these things freaking delicious!  Super easy to make...basically you slap everything in a bowl, mix 'er up and bake it.  I took these over to B's house for our coffee klatch, and left the remaining bars for her and her hubby.  B's cousin T happened to be in town, ate all the leftovers when everyone else had gone to bed and asked for the recipe!  I take this as high praise for these bars, as Cousin is a professionally trained chef so knows when something is good.  The only caveat - these things are pretty high calorie - I put the recipe in a calorie calculator and let's just piece was FIVE HUNDRED CALORIES!!!  And I ate TWO that morning!!!  The recipe does make pretty big pieces though - 20 pieces out of one cookie sheet pan.  And they are pretty high I had a brilliant idea to cut the pieces smaller and eat them before our runs instead of a banana as they'd probably keep us full longer. 

5/5 on these puppies.  If I could give them higher, I would...they are that good.

3.  Long Run

26K on the menu this's been a long time since my distances have been this high, and vaguely remember last year feeling relief when I was running "only" 20K for a long run.  Next week I have a bit of a reprieve and have a step back week where we're doing 19K, so we're thinking about doing our long run after work on Wednesday so we can sleep in next Saturday.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the old foot holds up.  So far, so good...

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