Thursday, July 14, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  You are Now Registered in the Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon

Aaccckkkk!  I've done it now...registered for the marathon so no turning back now.  I'm feeling pretty good and think this year is the year...I've got a training plan, am staying healthy and doing what I can to make sure I get there like going to physio, watching my nutrition and stretching every night without fail (OK I didn't stretch when I was up at the cabin but you know what I mean).  October 9th is the day of reckoning.  Hubs is registered for the half marathon, so here's crossing my fingers that we'll both hit our target races this year!

2.  What the Eff, Summer?'s the middle of bloody JULY and it's still freezing.  Seriously, we were running last night by the water and at one point Hubs and I were shivering...and we had long sleeves on.  Weather is around 18 degrees and the next week is supposd to be rainy and cool.  I suppose I shouldn't complain...the east coast is getting hit by a whopper of a heat wave and is expected to hit 40 degrees, which would make running virtually impossible.  Fine, fine...I'll shut up now! 

3.  Whitewater  Cooks - Week One

Week One of Foodie Does Whitewater.  This week's recipes I'm going to try are the healthy fridge muffins and the veggie burger...I hear rave reviews on the burger, so look for post to come soon.


Hunnybee said...

My full is the week after yours! I'm so thrilled you signed up!

Cindy said...

yay! we can train together virtually!! :)