Monday, July 18, 2011

Foodie Does Whitewater Cooks - Week 1

I think I'm in love.

I, Foodie at the Finish Line, have had the best homemade veggie burger ever.  Actually, I think I'm not even going to qualify the fact that it's IS the best veggie burger bar none.  The little blurb that preceded the recipe said that if you make these once, you'll never be satisfied with anything you'll buy in a grocery store and I wholeheartedly agree.  Packed with protein (17 grams) and fibre (10 grams), it's super healthy and full of flavour and texture.  So good...this cookbook is worth purchasing for this recipe alone.  We had this on whole wheat buns with the famous burger sauce recipe from this book (a smoky spicy chipotle mayo) and it was fantastic.

I also made the healthy fridge muffins too and these are also delish.  Very low in fat (only 2 tbsp) and full of oats, grated apples and carrots and other whole ingredients, these were a healthy, whole grain option.  I don't really like cake-y muffins, and love that you can assemble the batter the night before and make them in the morning and have fresh baked muffins.  I liked that these weren't too sweet either, with a touch of sweetness coming from a bit of agave and raisins rather than tons of sugar.  I had these with a touch of strawberry freezer jam that I made with some of the ladies from work, and it found it was a perfect vehicle for jam or other preserves.

The true test?  Hubs really liked all three recipes that I tried this week (my other veggie burger attempts were meh). ratings for these are:

Healthy Fridge Muffins - 4.5/5

Whitewater Veggie Burger - 5/5

Famous Burger Sauce - 5/5

Loving this cookbook so far!

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Anonymous said...

Angie says ('cause the Blogger people are mad at her and her login again)... if your house is robbed, and this cookbook and any signs of these burgers are gone... it wasn't me. Really.