Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Aaaaah, Coffee Talk.  Damn, I love's where I discovered one of my favourite words of all time, verklempt.  I admit...lately I've been getting verklempt a lot...whenever I hear anyone refer to Jack Layton's passing (hoo boy, here I go, hate or meh about his politics, he was a good man), when I think about the Canucks Game 7 loss (yes people, I'm still not over it, OK?!) and today when I was talking to a coworker about the marathon. 

It all started innocently enough...she was asking me how my physio appointment went yesterday, and I said that my physio is really happy with how I'm doing and after three more appointments I should be set to race.  I don't know what it was...maybe the act of actually saying out loud that this might really happen made me get all choked up.  Sure...I've written alllll about Marathon Quest 2011...but I really don't talk about it much.  I've been so cautious and hesitant about getting ahead of myself and still remember so vividly the disappointment of last year, that I've been reluctant to discuss it with anyone.   My physio and I had a good talk about this - did I tell you she is at once, awesome and amazing?  She used to be an avid runner until she was sidelined with problems that she said were reminscent of mine, and is just getting herself back up to 30 minutes of road running after about 6 years.  She said that she is the same with her venture back into running, that she was reluctant to get too excited...just in case.  If I do this (see...being cautious again), I'm going to get something special for my physio for not only helping me complete one of the biggest and most important goals I've ever set for myself, but for being so supportive during the last year.  A lot of people may see me attempting a marathon as just the physical act of running a race, but it really encompasses so much more.  It's doing something that I never, ever would have dreamed about doing, and symbolizes how far I've come from that unhealthy (and pretty unhappy) person I was.   She totally gets that, which is so great to have that type of support system.  I'll have to do some stealthy probing to see what she likes over my next few visits with her...muahahaha.

So anyways...if you think I'm all weepy now, just wait until the weeks, days, minutes and seconds until race guys ain't seen nothing yet.  Oy vey...getting all verklempt amongst yourselves...

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