Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Foodie at the Finish Line

Do you guys know where this is?  Three guesses.  Heh.

Photo credit:  Goodlife Victoria Marathon Facebook site

Alright you cheeky monkeys...I can almost hear your saucy answers.  Minxes, all of you.

In exactly 46 days, this is the street I'm going to be running (or hobbling or crawling) down on October 9th when I'm entering the finisher's chute, and about 27.956785 seconds away from collecting my marathon finishers medal.

A thing of beauty, isn't it?  See you all there.


Anonymous said...

You'll be great!! Better than I could do I still can't get past the 10k hump!

Anonymous said...

Angie says:
"Go Wong Go!!!!!!!!"

Cindy said...

thanks guys!! i'm gettin' excited... :)