Saturday, July 10, 2010

24K - Hot Damn!

Holy man - I don't think I've ever perspired that much in my whole life!  Things have cooled down a bit here in Victoria, but it was still pretty warm when we woke up.  We headed out at around 6:45am and man alive - I'm really glad I had the Saltstick capsules.  I took one at the beginning, and one about halfway and I felt pretty good today...lots of energy, even with the heat so I think that's an endorsement!  I took extra water with me and hid it along the loop we were running to help keep myself hydrated.  When I was done, I was absolutely dripping with sweat and my skin was starting to turn white from the salt drying on me.  Kewl!  Ha ha.

After the run, I did some stretching (I am really trying to be good) and went to take my first ice bath - except I'd used up all our ice in our crown and gingers *delicate cough* so settled for a cold water bath.  I'm  not going to lie to you - I didn't love how it felt going in - but once I got used to it, my legs did feel better after and not as tired.  After the cold bath, I slipped on my hot pink recovery socks...

These are essentially compression stockings so keep the blood flowing through my lower legs and helps with recovery.  I've used them for quite awhile and really like them.  And, it helps that I loooove the colour....they also come in a lime green which I almost bought.  Sexy, n'est ce pas? 

PS.  my knee held up today!  It was a tiny bit twingy, but not bad overall.  yay!!

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Angie said...

That's so not fair... my compression stockings are way less sexy! I wish I could sport some hot pink or lime stockings... but I'm guessing they wouldn't be covered under medical anymore!