Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cholesterol Challenge

The gloves are off - it's me against cholesterol!

Back about five years ago, Hubs had some bloodwork done and discovered that his cholesterol wasn't super great - his HDL was low, his LDL was too high and his triglycerides were too high.  We were definitely not healthy back then - no regular exercise, lots of refined carbohydrates, not enough protein and definitely not enough fresh fruits and veggies.  So as you know, I've been on a healthy eating kick over the last few years so we've completely revamped the way we've been eating.  Hubs went a few weeks ago to get some more bloodwork done to make sure things were moving in the right direction...and it's still not good!  WTF!?  How can this be?! 

I'm going to do some research and see what we can do with food as the doctor was recommending he take meds for it.  I'm totally against that and only want to do it as a last resort!  I hate the thought of him being on medication for the rest of his life to control his cholesterol so if we have to be even stricter with our food, then so be it.  I'd rather do that and have him be healthy and around as long as possible.  I suppose that's a part of the reason why being healthy is so important to me - I want to be around so I can enjoy my friends and family as long as possible.

Watch out cholesterol - your ass is mine.

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Angie said...

If I was cholesterol I would be afraid. You might be that "sweet asian lady"... but I wouldn't take you on in a fight!