Sunday, July 4, 2010

Love Me Some Lulu

Whooooweee...OK, now that was some cooking marathon.  We had absolutely zippo food in the house so the last few days have consisted of a lot of toast and carbo overload.  Overall we ate fairly well in Maui but we definitely lacked in the vegetable portion of the program, so will be glad to get my beloved veggies back in the diet.

After viewing the horrific photos of myself at the 10K race in April, I'd vowed to find myself a good running skirt and methinks I've found the holy grail of running skirts.  I am an absolute lululemon junkie - I fully admit I have a total addiction to their clothes.  The first time I'd heard of lulu was some TV show that Bif Naked was on, and she waxed poetic about their stuff -- how comfortable the stuff was, the quality.  At that time I admit I was intimidated by their stores - all these cute young things, hawking yoga wear and at that time, yoga wasn't that mainstream yet.  I kept hearing about their stuff so one day I finally bit the bullet and tried on a pair of their yoga pants.  As I turned around to view myself in their mirrors (they have ones situated so you can see yourself from all angles), I swear I may have heard angels sing.  I, victim of the dreaded FAGAS (Flat Asian Girl Ass Syndrome), had a bootie.  It wasn't a Beyonce-type bubble and Sir Mix A Lot wasn't going to sing about it any time soon, but it was there sure as can be.  From then on, I regularly live in their stuff because the fit and quality is excellent if you take care of it properly.  Those yoga pants still look great after three years of constant wear.  Yes, yes all you can get five pairs at Costco for what you can spend on one pair at lululemon - but if it gives this pancake princess a butt, it's money well spent IMHO.

The running skirt I've fallen in love with is the Run: Energy Skirt:

The waist is actually a bit higher than the picture shows, so it doesn't roll down as you run (I also bought the Run:  Speed Short but it's a low rise, which I wasn't a 100% fan of as it tends to roll under my stomach pooch and then I can feel it jiggle when I'm running - not nice).  The waistband is super comfy, the underwear underneath has a slight grippy material so stays in place, it has a little pocket in the back to hold your keys and the skirt stays really cool on a hot run.  I of course, bought the black - but am thinking of picking up another one as I like it that much.

Two thumbs up on this gem. 

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