Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Canada Day Long Weekend!

Happy 143rd, Canada!  I have to say - while I love love love Maui, there's just something about coming home that just feels right.  We got onto Canadian soil around midnight last night so we managed to get home for the last few moments of Canada Day...and it was weird because I felt really bad missing Canada Day this year.  Normally we don't go out or do anything, but it felt like I'd missed a close friend's birthday or something.   I suppose after the 2010 Olympics, it awakened this patriotic giant in so many of us, including myself -- I proudly wore my red Canada t-shirt all over Maui and even got a few comments -- all positive of course.  And not sure if it's me, but I seem to see a lot more Canada flags out this year - awesome.

Well, I guess now that I'm back, the marathon training must resume.  We were pretty good and ran Sun to Wed, so fit four runs in while we were away...not bad!  They weren't long by any stretch but just enough to keep our fitness level and I gotta admit, the runs were hard - lots of big hills and the heat/humidity really made it hard.  I'm hoping tomorrow's long run is a good one - 22K - look out here I come.

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