Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Girl Jillian

I looooove Jillian Michaels.  LOVE.HER.  Yes, I know...she screams at the contestants.  Bob is the "nice" one, who doesn't yell.  Jillian pushes them so hard she makes them puke.  Bob uses more of an understanding approach.  She's like a pitbull that won't give up.  He hands out lots of hugs.  Now don't get me wrong...I like Bob and he's as cute as a button...but Jillian kicks some serious butt and that's exactly why I love her.  She opens up a huge can of whup ass on my secret favourite show, The Biggest Loser...and she gets results.  On the show, Jillian digs down deep into the heart of why the contestants overeat, which seems to be the key to getting them to make life changes.  Huh.  I think I might have a little bit of a girl crush on Jillian - I just think she rocks.  OK, and I want her body...girl is cut!

This past weekend, I picked up her latest book "Master Your Metabolism" and I find it all completely fascinating.  I'm maybe about a quarter of the way through and it's all about how hormones affect your metabolism - and how if you get your hormones in check, your body will much better be able to regulate itself.  She tells the story of how she would have to be meticulous in what she ate and if she strayed at all even with a rigorous work out schedule, she'd pack on 15 pounds instantly.  One day she went to see an endocrinologist and he said that her metabolism was shot due to the "frankenfoods" she'd eat, the chemicals she'd put into her body i.e. artificial sweeteners, the crazy starvation diets she'd been on in her life and all the environmental factors that influence hormones i.e. bisphenol A, meat hormones, pesticides.  I thought ding ding ding, that's me!   I have to really watch what I eat as I gain weight extraordinarily easily, and I'm sure all the stupid starvation diets I've been on and all the crap I've put in and done to my body is playing havoc with my metabolism.  Man, do I ever regret how stupid I was.

Off to read more!

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