Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oooooooweeee It's Hot!

Yowza!  The temps have really amped up in the last week or so - we're at 31 degrees here in little old Victoria today and it's AWESOME.  Strange's a different kind of hot as today the air is pretty still so I actually feel hot and sticky but don't really in Maui as there's always this breeze that keeps you cool.  Anyways, whatever....summer is here and apparently it's gonna stick around for awhile!!  The only bad thing about the heat is that the office where I work gets smoooookin' hot - I work in an old heritage building so the air conditioning is not so great.  Today at work it was 87 degrees F so we were all sweltering but our fabulous boss let us go home early.  He rocks so we loooove him.

With all this hot weather, it's the perfect time to experiment with my Saltstick capsules!!  I got them while I was in Maui, so I'm excited to see how they are.  The bottle says they help with heat stress so perfect...I think I'll take one at the start and maybe another half way through - we're going to start running at 6am to avoid the heat.  I'll be running mostly in non-shady conditions so I'll have to make sure I really hydrate - will let you know if I make it or not!

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