Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby Let Me Love You Down

I can't WAIT for the weekend! Now what am I doing that I'm so excited about, you ask? Sleeping in. Seriously...we don't get much of a chance to sleep in on Saturdays as we've always got something on the go so have to get up at the crack of dawn to get our butts out on the road for our long runs. Plus we're doing summer hours at work so I've been getting up earlier, and that combined with bootcamp means I'm up at 5 - 5:30 every day and I'm definitely not going to bed early enough! This Saturday we've got nothing scheduled, so we're going to sleep in as our long run is only 15K. Yay! I couldn't stop yawning at work all day long. Boy, I must really be boring when I get so excited about sleeping in that I actually write a blog post about it.

Hah...I'm laughing as I read that last sentence, "only 15K". I remember last March when we were training for our first 10K race, so decided to run 10K one day to see how far it and Hubs almost died! We were exhausted and could barely 10K is our minimum distance and we can run it easily. It's cool to see how your body adapts as your distances increase. Next week's run is a scary 26K....the farthest distance I've done to date so we'll see how that goes with the old knee. I've been trying to be really good in doing my exercises and am back at yoga after a brief hiatus so here's hoping that it holds up. It's been feeling a bit cranky as we've been doing a lot of lunges and other knee blasting type stuff at bootcamp so I've been babying it to keep it happy. My legs felt really good this week after the last 24K so I'm going to try the cold water bath again - they were definitely not as stiff or achy after and my legs felt relatively fresh at bootcamp this week.

So to kick us off for an awesome weekend, I thought I'd leave you with the vocal stylings of Usher - looooove this song, and he's not bad to look at either. Just sayin'.


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Angie said...

This 'splains some of why I can't run or do the bootcamp thing or basically take care of myself - I have to get up at 5am every day in order to get it all together and make it through the day with KEW. My sleep in on the weekends is 6am... and I cherished every one of those extra minutes!