Friday, July 23, 2010

Poor Hubs

My poor husband.  Sometimes I don't know why he puts up with me!  I'm hoping it's because 99% of the time I'm a lovely wife and that I'm understanding, kind and not a bad cook.  Sooo...let's talk about that other 1%.  Ha!  When I got home today I was in THE foulest mood of all time.  I walked in the door with a little black cloud over my head and practically tore him a new one for no reason.  OK...I'm a little tired today - lots on the go this week and I haven't gotten enough sleep, that's a definite yes.  There were a few incidents today at work that irritated the hell out of me.  My back is still killing me - I took some muscle relaxants (Robax Platinum = good stuff) but they're wearing off.  I went grocery shopping after work today and you know how you round the corner and someone else is coming the other you sort of stand there and smile and indicate somehow for them to go ahead.  This mofo stops so I kind of wave at him to go ahead and he snaps loudly "GO!"  Cretin.  And when I walked in the door, the house was so not how I left it this morning.  For those who don't know me, I'm an insane Monica-from-Friends type neat freak.  So most of these things, not my Hubs fault, right?  He just took it all in patiently as he knows me so well.  Within 20 minutes after my tirade, I went over and apologized for being beeyotch - to which he pretended to rip off his shirt a la the Incredible Hulk.  Ahhh, my Hubs - he always knows how to make me laugh!

Well, off to take a bath and do some yoga to soothe this savage beast.  A dirty martini or two might help as well.  :)

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