Monday, August 2, 2010

28K - Reinspired

Woohoo!  DONE!!

A few days ago I posted that I was losing steam and the training was really sucking me dry for energy.   And - in a weird way - I was starting to resent the training because it takes so much time, even though I honestly do love to run.  It's been a really busy summer with all sorts of things, and all I wanted to do was to chill this weekend with a good book but the spectre of this long run was hanging over my head.

I kept putting off this run - we were supposed to go Saturday, I blew it off and said Sunday.  Sunday rolled around, I blew it off again and said Monday.  So this morning, I had to go - no ifs, ands or buts.  We got up and were out running by about 7:30 this morning and was fully expecting to be out there until at least 10:30.  We ran along one of our local trails, so parked our car in the mid point and ran 7K out and back to the car and then 7K out and back the other direction.  Hubs is having some sciatica pain due to tight muscles in his glutes, so he could only do the first out and back.  To keep me company, Hubs had bought rollerblades a few months ago as he promised to train with me, even if he didn't actually run the full distances (he's such a good guy).  I gotta say - today's run was awesome - I felt great with lots of energy, and even pulled out a 5:38 time on the last kilometre!!  It was perfect running conditions - cool, overcast with no wind...I think the cooler weather really helped as the heat really sapped my energy last week.  And having Hubs with me for company really made a difference as he kept joking around and making me laugh so it wasn't quite as painful.  At the end my stomach was really bothering me though.  Not sure why - I'd done a Saltstick at the start and halfway point, and took a Gu gel at 14K...but I was absolutely starving so maybe that was it.

I think I'm getting used to the cold water soaks - as soon as I got home I got in the water and it felt soooo good.  So far so good, my legs are feeling pretty good as well.

Overall stats - 3:08 hours, 28 kilometres, 1657 calories burned - pizza, anyone?  :)

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