Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where's My Legwarmers?

Jazzercise.  OK, so what does this word invoke in your mind?  Hokey dance moves, Flashdance style tops, and a lot of colourful spandex, right?  Well, a neighbour of mine that I've become friendly with asked if I wanted to join her for a class or two to check it out, and at the time I had to stuff back a snort of disdain.  I can pound out 30 full pushups in a row...I can run 20K no problem...I can pump out multiple lunges, squats and burpees like nobody's business - what could I possibly get from Jazzercise?!

Anyone got a fork?  Cuz I got me some humble pie to eat.  I busted out a huge sweat as the class was pretty fast paced and I had to call on all the 80's and 90's aerobics moves that I'd ever learned back in the day - I gotta say, the class wasn't that easy and really required some coordination and I had to pay close attention.  There were a ton of people in the class - probably close to sixty, so it's a popular class to go to at my local rec centre.  The strength training portion was fairly light so that would be my only downside...but I can see why people liked it - people were enthusiastically singing along to the music (which was pretty awesome - nothing like exercising to a little Lady Gaga), you got to do some fun dance moves and shake your bootie...and one of the instructors was this cute young buck with tattoos - a little eye candy never hurts, no matter where you are!  But best of all, it was a ton of fun and everyone was hooting and hollering their enthusiasm.  To me, any exercise where you can have fun while breaking a sweat is A-OK with me! 

So lesson learned - never judge something until you try it because you just never know - you might just like it! 

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