Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cracking Down

*sigh*  So now that my girl's weekend is over, I will make good on my comment about cleaning up my eating.  Can you hear my heels dragging?  I love food, so cutting out my little indulgences is going to be hard but if it helps me with the marathon, then it's a good thing.  And maybe it will help me lean out a bit more so my running times improve and - vainly - maybe I can fit back into my sexy tight jeans that are just a wee bit snug at the moment and not so sexy.  I bought these awesome jeans two years ago when I was skinny but skinnyfat, if that makes sense...they fit everywhere but are just a smidge too tight through the waist to be uncomfortable.  Gah!  Anyways, these jeans are my barometer as I felt the best at that size but actually want to be healthy and fit at the same time instead of all soft, doughy and completely unfit.

So - here are my goals for the next 8 weeks until the marathon:

1.  Cut out all dairy and eggs
2.  Cut back my cheat day to one cheat meal
3.  No alcohol
4.  Cut out all processed sugars and carbs (good bye chocolate)
5.  Increase vegetable/fruit intake
6.  Increase water intake to 3L/day
7.  Take supplements every day, esp. omega 3s to reduce inflammation
8.  Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night

Yikes, I'm getting scared.  Ha!  It was apparent to me what bad eating, alcohol (and not even that much) and lack of sleep did to me as the 16K I ran this Sunday was really hard and I laboured esp. at the beginning - normally 16K is no problem at all.  So if two days will do that, I'd hate to see the cumulative effect of multiple days on my body and my run - I'm still bloated and feeling crappy.  As they say, there's only one first marathon, so I want to finish it and I want it to be memorable! 

So here goes...starting tomorrow.  My wonderful mom made me prime rib with our favourite WHITE rice dish so I'm thinking that doesn't quite fit in #4 above.  Wish me luck!

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