Monday, August 23, 2010

An Epic Weekend

Man, I had the absolute best girl's weekend ever!  It was awesome from start to finish ...even the weather cooperated and was pretty much perfect for Friday and Saturday.  So where do I start...

We decided to take the 7am ferry out to Van so we could maximize our time at Ikea - the three of us luuurrve that store (who doesn't?) so got there at the opening and spent four hours there...yes, you read that right...four hours!  Before we went to Ikea we decided to check out our hotel, the River Rock Casino Resort...I give this place a massive thumbs up as it's really beautiful inside and the customer service was probably the best I've ever had, even beating out chi chi places like the Fairmont and Pan Pacific hotels.  And the best thing about the place was that A won $125 on $10 at the casino - not bad!

After our Ikea-fest, we got some nibblies and headed back to the hotel and got down to business:

We'd forgotten a martini shaker but A's water bottle (on the left) did the job rather nicely.  After a few yummy martinis, we headed down to Rogers Arena on the Skytrain which was great - a couple of transfers and we were there in about half an hour.  The opening act was Naturally 7 - I've never seen an opening act get a standing ovation, but these guys did and deserved it.  They use their voices as their instruments, so if you shut your eyes, you'd swear it was a full band up there was crazy!  But we were there to see Michael, my boyfriend...

Hello, Michael!  He put on a fabulous show - I would say the second best concert I've ever seen, after Coldplay (who I loooove, so this is very high praise)...he was funny, entertaining and sounded amazing.  We screamed, we swooned - my boyfriend did me proud. 

The next day we headed to Empire Stadium for the Bryan Adams/Beach Boys concert, who were opening the PNE.  Again...fabulous!  They both played full sets - the Beach Boys were on for about 1.5 hours, and Bryan Adams played a two hour set!  Hubs came over to Van to meet up with us for this concert, and so glad he did as he really enjoyed himself.

It was a weekend packed full of great music, awesome shopping and fun times with great friends...what more could a girl want?

Sooo...the big question is...did I do my 32K run?  Nope...I didn't.  We ended up taking the 9pm ferry so didn't get home until about 11:30pm and not into bed until about there was no way in burnin' hell I was getting up at 6am to run 3/4 of a marathon after two days of eating crappy, drinking, lack of sleep and not enough water!  I did end up deciding to switch weeks so did 16K with my coworker M and will have to do three 30K plus weeks in a row - that 16K was really hard and I could really feel myself labouring so knew I made the right decision.  Oh well - it's all about balance, right?  It's definitely worth it for one of the most fun weekends I've ever had!

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