Friday, August 13, 2010

Psyching Myself Up

...or out?!

I think I'm ready for my run tomorrow.  I think.  I'm sure it's mind over matter - I's only 2K more than my last really long run, right?   And it's been almost a week and a half since my last long run so my legs should have had plenty of time to recover, right?   And I've been hydrating like crazy today so should be in good shape, right? 

So why do I feel so nervous?  I guess it's like any big milestone - I'm hitting the thirties and there's no turning back now.  I have 58 more days to go until I run this thing!  Because I'm going to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow, I've laid out all my gear and put out everything I'll need.  I'm going to chill tonight on the deck with a good book and a nice summery limoncello/vodka/soda, hee hee.   

Speaking of cleaning up my diet, for the next few months I'm really going to really clamp down on my eating and clean things up.  Overall it's pretty good but there are the occasional indulgences.  However, this is going to be AFTER my girl's weekend in Vancouver...girl's gotta live a little!!

Update to come tomorrow...stay tuned.

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