Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Holy Crap

OMG.  I just counted how many more long runs I have until race day and it's only SIX!!!  SIX!!!  That's hard for me to believe.  The months have gone by really quickly - I started back in May and four months have really flown past.  I'm on the home stretch now and I'm feeling good - I feel like I can do this.  I'm really hoping my body holds up - I might just have to have a talk with it:

Mr. Neck:  If you really wouldn't mind, if you could not go out of place and start hurting our girl.  She's been training really hard and it'd be much appreciated if you could just hang on until October 10th.  Thanks.

Mr. Back:  Hey little buddy!  You've been doing an awesome job of staying knot free and not aching much lately.  We're gonna treat you to some more massages in the next while.  Oh, and if you could keep Mr. Right Second Rib in line, that would be great - he seems to start a lot of the trouble.  He's SUCH an instigator.

Mr. Left Shoulder:  C'mon man...let's hug it out.  You haven't ached since before Hawaii.  You rock.

Mr. Knee:  Dude!!  You've been kicking ass!  A little soreness here and there, but pretty darn good.  Seven more weeks to go until the Big Day.  You can do this.  We're gonna be stretching like nobody's business to keep you happy.  We can't do this without you.

I think all this running is depriving my brain of oxygen - I'm a little nuts I think.  Ha!

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