Thursday, August 5, 2010

Green Glitter

Jeez...I think I'm still verklempt!

The last few weeks I've written about being meh on the marathon training and losing my inspiration and drive to forge ahead.  I know deep down that I really, really want to do this - the whole finishing a marathon thing means a lot more to me than just putting one foot in front of another and getting a good time, but about achieving goals and making positive changes.  In the clip that I posted previously from the Spirit of the Marathon, Kathrine Switzer was saying the marathon was about triumphing over adversity and that afterwards, there's the feeling that there's nothing that you can't do or triumph over in life.  However, those thoughts tend to dissipate quickly when you're facing a three hour run in hot and muggy conditions!  I've definitely been fighting the blahs and fighting them badly.

Well, fight no more!  This morning I was sitting at my desk, and one of the gals was handing out the mail and slipped me an envelope that looked like a card.  I thought  hmmm...what's this?  I looked at it and it was from one of my close friends A...and I was thinking is it a party invite?  Birthday card - no, she sent me one and my birthday was in April!  Birthday party for her little girl, KEW?  What could it be?  So I opened the envelope and pulled out the card...and a little sprinkle of green glitter fell onto my desk.  At that moment I knew exactly what it was...A is one of my cheering section and said she was doing up signs with green glitter and the card was a prototype of what was to come, to give me some motivation to carry on.

So not sure if this has ever happened to any of you ladies, but I hid behind my computer screen to avoid anyone see me do the dreaded "ugly cry".  Tears were brimming all afternoon!  I was so touched.  This was exactly what I needed to keep me going - being so fortunate to have the support of family and friends really means so much more to me than anything else...I'm sure that every other person attempting something for the first time, be it a walk around the block or a marathon, can attest to this.

I've put the card up in our display shelves in the kitchen - on the same prized shelf as my wedding invitation and favourite wedding picture.  That way I can see it every time I head into the kitchen to eat that banana and nutella 'fore I go out on a run:

Thanks KEW and A - you guys are awesome!

PS.  16K run finished tonight - it was tough as it was hot and I only had two days rest after the 28K run on Monday.  I was just about to call it quits after 10K but Hubs and the card kept me going!  Whew - now on to 100% relaxation and fun times this weekend!

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Hunnybee said...

Thats so sweet. Way to go on getting it all in for the run.