Sunday, August 29, 2010

32K - Limpy Gimpy

32K on the menu yesterday - I was excited (strangely) and anxious to get at 'er yesterday morning once we got up.  We slept in a bit (man, we needed it) so didn't get out on the road until about 8am.  We decided to do an out and back of sorts so ran 10K out in one direction and back to the car so Hubs could pick up his rollerblades, and then jetted out 6K in the other direction and back.  Poor Hubs, his sciatica started acting up around the 10K point so we had to make quite a few stops so he could stretch out his glutes.

The weather was much, much cooler than it had been so I was feeling pretty awesome throughout the whole run - I was keeping a pretty good pace and while my body felt a bit tired, my head felt good and not tired at all.  I was also testing out taking Advil half way through to see if I'd have an GI issues - it helps just take the edge off the pain and I might need it during the race to get me through to the end.   At around the 25K point, the ball of my right foot started to hurt a bit and while I noticed it, it wasn't super painful - in retrospect now, I wonder if it was the Advil numbing the pain a bit.

Ooooch.  This morning my foot is not super happy.  My arch is pretty sore and walking on it is painful and I'm limping a bit.  NOOOOOOO!!!  Not what I need 6 weeks before the race.   I've been massaging it and stretching it out like crazy, and will stay off it tomorrow and do some stationery bike work instead of bootcamp.   I looked up painful arches on the interweb, and it seems that a lot of it starts with tight calves - guilty!  I'm really bad at stretching and really, I should know better - virtually all of my injuries have been due to my calf muscles.  Next week's long run is 35K, so I'm going to run on a chip trail next week to give my legs and feet a bit of a rest from pounding on asphalt.  My legs are extra tight and sore this week too, I'm sure just due to the overall distance. 

Sooo...while my run itself was great, the aftermath isn't so hot.  I'll stretch it out and give it a rest, and then see how things go.  That was one part of my body that I didn't have a talk to the other day!


Forward Foot Strides said...

Ahhh sorry to hear about the pain, hope you get well soon!

Angie said...

Sounds to me like you need a massage to work out those tight muscles!!!!

Hunnybee said...

Oh feel better!


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