Monday, March 14, 2011

Go Girls!

Short and sweet post today....I am soooo glad to not have to work out right foot and my right shin (egads!) have been bugging me a bit, I think from my long run on Saturday and then on Sunday I went for a brisk 10K walk around the lake with my friends, BP and BG.  Normally when I get together with these gals, it involves sitting at BP's place indulging in coffee (with Baileys!) and some sort of baked goods...but both BP and BG have started working out in the past while so we decided to go for a walk.  You don't have to ask me twice!  Any chance to get up and move my body is awesome, and even better that I get to visit with these two lovely gals while doing it.  And of course, I'm so happy and proud that they're getting out there.  Yeeehaw!  Love ya gals.

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